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Claycraft tile fireplace

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claycraft-cottage-fireplace Slowly, and not at all surely, we're moving in. This has been complicated somewhat by getting our two dog families used to living together and several weekend events - family visiting, friends' wedding, oh, and, you know, getting engaged ourselves, and the mess of excitement and activity that comes along with that. It's only been two weeks and we already have a caterer, a venue, a dress, and a DJ.

What does this have to do with Claycraft tile? Nothing. But this tiny space around our fireplace is still the only area of the house that's clean enough to photograph.


Milo's really happy about it too. When we first looked at the house, we thought it might be Batchelder tile, because Batchelder is the only California fireplace tile maker in the early 20th century that we knew of. Turns out there were other tile companies firing quality at the same time. Claycraft was one of them. They were only around for a relatively short period of time - from 1921 to about 1939 (the last city directory reference I could find is in the 1939 directory, below).


Our tile is a cottage scene:



I don't know if this tile was stained over, or if it's just dirty. Apparently, it's supposed to look more like the version this other LA homeowner found when researching her own fireplace.

That's about all I can muster at the moment. I can't promise that this blog won't devolve into vintage wedding planning. Fair warning.